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  1. When is my order going to arrive?
  2. Where can I find a particular fixture ?
  3. What is your privacy policy ?
  4. What is your return policy ?
  5. What are the shipping costs to my location ?
  6. Do you maintain a printed catalog ?
  7. How long has Lightingforum.Com been around ?
  8. Why do some items have prices that say "Starting at........."?
  9. Is Lightingforum.Com an authorized dealer for ...........?

When is my order going to arrive?

Order times can vary greatly between manufacturers and even between individual product lines.  Many of the items listed on Lightingforum.Com are custom created to customer specifications, and therefore delivery times can vary greatly.  For an estimate of delivery times for a specific item, please call us toll-free at 1-888-628-5332.  The link located on your sales invoice is for reference of ordered items only, and will not be updated to reflect shipping dates.

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Where can I find a particular fixture ?

Lightingforum.Com's catalogs are broken down by manufacturer, and unlike the competition, we use the actual manufacturer SKU's for each item.  This allows you to comparison shop to ensure that you are getting the best price possible.  To search for an item, use the Search Our Catalog link on the bottom left of each page.   Many part numbers include a suffix that denotes the finish, color, shades etc.  For example:  Model 8023/5  or 8023-GR-23.  To achieve the best results when searching for an item such as this, search using only the primary portion of the part number e.g. 8023.  You can also search on words and phrases such as "sconce", "pendant", "chandelier", "floral" and more!  Of course, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us toll-free at 1-888-628-5332 and we will be happy to assist you.

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What is your privacy policy ?

Lightingforum.Com's complete privacy policy can be found by clicking the link on the lower left of the main page.  In summary, Lightingforum.Com only collects necessary information from persons placing orders on this site.  Some of this information is transmitted to suppliers so that they may fulfill your order.  Lightingforum.Com never releases more information to vendors then is necessary to process your order.  Lightingforum.Com may send periodic e-mails only to customers who have elected to have their e-mail address placed on our internal mailing list.  Users who have previously elected to participate in our infrequent mailings may opt-out by sending an e-mail to  Lightingforum.Com never leases, rents, sells or otherwise allows third parties to access customer information or email lists.

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What is your return policy ?

All sales made by at the website,  through e-mail, through telephone contact or any other means are final.  Examine all shipping cartons and packaging immediately upon receipt, and report damaged materials to the shipping carrier immediately.  In the event that an item is defective, will take all steps it deems necessary to repair or replace the defective item.  In the event that does accept the return of a purchased item, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs, in addition to a minimum of a 25% of total sale re-stocking fee.  Because all items at are custom manufactured or ordered for the customer, reserves the right to enforce its "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" policy.

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What are the shipping costs to my location ?

Determining the shipping costs for your order is easy.  Place all the items you are interested in into the shopping cart (by clicking the ORDER button beneath each item) and then click the "CHECKOUT" button on the shopping card screen.  You can always locate the shopping cart screen by clicking the link on the lower left side of the screen.  Fill in the screen requesting shipping name, address, etc.  No credit card information is collected at this time, and you are under no obligation to purchase any item.  After filling out this screen, click the NEXT button and an invoice will be generated showing what the shipping charges, (tax for New York State orders) and final total would be for this order.  At this point, if you are ready to order you can click CHECKOUT, or click the Empty Cart button to cancel your order.  For shipping to Hawaii, for export shipping rates or for any other assistance, please call us toll-free at 1-888-628-5332.

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Do you maintain a printed catalog ?

No we don't.  Lightingforum adds hundreds of new products to our catalog each month and no paper catalog would ever be up to date.  Also, Lightingforum is committed to bringing you the lowest possible prices in the industry, and the significant cost of catalogs would be prohibitive towards that goal.  Lightingforum can, under certain circumstances, provide manufacturers catalogs.  This service may entail a fee per catalog.  Lightingforum.Com does not generally provide manufacturers catalogs to residential consumers.  Please call 1-888-628-5332 with your specific request if you are trade or you have a special need.

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How long has Lightingforum.Com been around ?

Lightingforum was initially established over 52 years ago, and was moved to our current location 24 years ago.  Unlike some of the competition, we are a real ,"brick and mortar", second generation family owned and operated high-end retail establishment with solid roots in the industry and the community.

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Why do some items have prices that say "Starting at........."?

Some items are available in a variety of finishes, glass selections and or crystal types.  Sometimes, certain options will result in an upcharge.  If a product contains options that if selected will result in an upcharge, the "Starting at...." price will appear.  Select the options you want, and add the item to your shopping cart by clicking the "ORDER" button to see your cost.  Items can always be removed from the shopping cart at any time. 

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Is Lightingforum.Com an authorized dealer for ...........?

Lightingforum.Com is a factory authorized dealer for every lighting line that we sell.  Being a factory authorized dealer is imperative to ensure the best possible level of support both before and after the sale.  It has come to our attention that some other Internet vendors and not factory authorized, and therefore cannot offer the complete support you deserve.  Lightingforum.Com sales associates can assist you in verifying through the factories that is a factory authorized dealer for their product.

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